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I understand the following:The school board is responsible for the educational program of the student.The school board is responsible for ensuring that student learning is directed by a member of the College of Teachers.The school board is responsible for assessment and reporting on the student.The Student Learning Plan will meet the Ministerial Orders for the Required Areas of Study.I will contact my child's teacher to develop my child's Student Learning Plan.I am committed to my child's education program through distributed learning with NCDES and will support completion of all courses listed on my child's current Student Learning Plan.I am committed to attending meetings and submitting my child's assignments and materials, as required by the teacher, for assessment and reporting purposes.I have read and agree to the conditions of the Code of Conduct and Acceptable Use Agreement for Internet Access and the Letter of Commitment.

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Upon successful completion of this registration and your Course Plan (not required for some students), you will get an email confirming your request. If you have not received this email in 15 minutes, please check your junk mail folder and if it is not there then contact NCDES to resolve the issue. Be sure to submit your first assignment as soon as possible to activate your registration.